Southwest Airlines Signs Contract Renewal With WSI Corporation

WSI Corporation, the global leader in disruptive weather data and flight decision support, today announces a continuing partnership and five year contract renewal with Southwest Airlines

: LUV ) for the industry-leading WSI Fusion platform and related analytic services. Since the partnership began in 2009, Southwest has come to rely on the entire WSI's product suite for critical flight decisions and operations. 

"I wish everyone was as good a partner as WSI," said Southwest Director of NOC Automation and Support, David Wotton. "When 85% of cancellations and flight disruptions are due to significant weather, we need to have one view of the truth so that everyone is operating out of the same playbook. In our business you simply have to have the most accurate weather information possible, and we have that with WSI."

By working with WSI, Southwest has consolidated management of mission critical services to the Network Operations Center (NOC), Flight Crews, and Airports with a partner who understands delivering a total solution including a deep understanding of business processes, data acquisition, technology, and reliability. Southwest has continued to partner with WSI on integration of key enterprise systems, as well as product design to ensure the evolution of the WSI platform to meet their mutual needs for years to come.

"Our partnership with WSI and the integration of their products within our daily operations enables Southwest to provide a much safer, cost effective travel experience for our customers," said Wotton. "WSI is truly a partner in our operations. We are using the full spectrum of their product offering -- providing an end-to-end solution that significantly reduces costs and improves flight safety."

Source: WSI Corporation
Date: Aug 26, 2014