CybAero Receives Another Order from Airbus

First North-listed CybAero has received another order for a sub-system from Airbus (formerly known as Cassidian, a subsidiary of EADS/Airbus). The order, worth EUR 150,000, represents a follow-on order to the orders that CybAero received in May and October 2013. The sub-system will be used in Airbus’ flying demonstrator, the TANAN 300 unmanned helicopter.

Through the order, CybAero is set to supply another sub-system for testing of the Airbus demonstrator, the TANAN 300 autonomous helicopter. CybAero has previously been involved in the development of prototypes, powertrain integration and the delivery of certain sub-systems, etc. for the TANAN 300. Delivery of the sub-system will take place during the autumn.

“The order shows that Airbus is continuing its investment in the TANAN 300 and that CybAero is a key part of this initiative. We are proud to be an important development partner for them,” says Mikael Hult, CybAero’s CEO.

Watch Cassidian’s TANAN video on YouTube:

Source: CybAero
Date: Aug 22, 2014