Arotech Wins Order Supporting a Missile Defense Program

Arotech Corporation today announced that its Battery and Power Systems Division recently received a production contract for an OEM in the defense sector. The current authorized contract value is $2.5 million while the total value of the contract exceeds $5 million .  The work is in support of an advanced missile defense program.

"Missile defense is becoming an increasingly important military focus as military technology improves and the interception and destruction of very high-speed destructive missiles becomes increasingly possible," commented Arotech ' s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Robert S. Ehrlich . "As the missile defense concept continues to prove itself in active service, protecting both civilians as well as military infrastructure, we see long-term growth for components which underlie missile defense technology. The fact that our Battery and Power Systems Division' products are a critical component of these highly advanced and complex systems, it demonstrates the strong capabilities of the research and development that we do throughout Arotech."

Arotech's Battery and Power Systems Division is a leading provider of primary and rechargeable batteries and chargers for defense and other military applications and of electronic components and subsystems primarily for military, aerospace and industrial customers. Arotech develops and produces high power zinc-air batteries and is believed to be the sole supplier of this technology to the U.S. military. In addition, Arotech develops high-end primary and secondary batteries and associated chargers, as well as (i) hybrid power generation systems, (ii) smart power subsystems for military vehicles and dismounted applications, and (iii) aircraft and missile systems support for cutting-edge weapons and communications technologies, and has vast experience in working with government agencies, the military and large corporations.

Source: Arotech Corporation
Date: Aug 14, 2014