Babcock to deliver HF comms system for Norway

Babcock has been awarded a contract by the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) to provide an Automated Control and Management System (ACMS) to drive the secure delivery of data and voice communications between Norwegian Joint Headquarters (NJHQ) and its armed forces.The new, single, ACMS will replace the current control systems and will interact with 25 sites across Norway.  The system will comprise a number of operator workstations at which messages will be co-ordinated and sent via the high frequency (HF) network, as well as the hardware required to manage, encrypt, broadcast and receive all transmissions securely.

The ACMS will be tailored to meet NDLO requirements, compatible with related systems including full interoperability with NATO equipment (tested in Babcock’s systems integration laboratory prior to installation) while also paving the way for future development needs.  The open and scalable system architecture provides flexibility and adaptability, enabling simple and cost-efficient system upgrade or installation of new components.  Further, the use of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products where possible will reduce through-life costs.

Babcock’s user-friendly system is designed by operators for operators, with a number of useful and intuitive features including graphical user interfaces to provide a simple, informative display and enable full operational control of the system using touchscreen technology.  The company’s specialist instructors will provide training courses for operators, administrators and technicians.

In developing the system, Babcock has drawn on its significant experience in operating HF communications systems for the armed forces, NATO and other authorised users, including operating the Defence High Frequency Communications Service (DHFCS) network for the UK MoD for the last ten years. 

Commenting on the contract award, Babcock Defence Systems Technology Communications Systems and Support Director, Tom Mulhall, said: “We are delighted to be awarded this contract to deliver a modernised ACMS for Norway.  Our 70+ years of experience in managing communications systems, specialising in high frequency military communications, combined with our experience of delivering projects into Norway, gives us a unique insight into the particular needs and challenges of this project, which we are well placed to meet.  The new system will boost capability and reliability and deliver a robust, efficient service through progressive modernisation of infrastructure, integrating new technologies while maintaining simplicity for users.”

NDLO Head of Section Project Branch/NATO, Sensor and C2IS, Jon Tiller, said: “The tender from Babcock was comprehensive and met all the requirements of the NDLO/CIS.  Three project meetings have already been held.  A good atmosphere has been established, and NDLO/CIS is looking forward to carry out this project with Babcock as contractor."

Source: Babcock International
Date: Jul 7, 2014