Nordwind Airlines partners with Fokker to introduce EFB Solutions for iPad on its Airbus and Boeing fleet

Fokker Services, part of Fokker Technologies, has received an order from Nordwind Airlines for the introduction of the Fokker Services EFB solution for iPad® on Nordwind Airlines’ A320, B737, B757, B767 and B777 fleet. 

The Fokker Services EFB solution for iPad® is a Class 2B, EASA-certified installation including mounting and power supply. Its simplicity allows the advantages of an EFB to be achieved at a fraction of the cost and downtime of other solutions currently being offered. The solution led to Fokker Services winning the Aviation Week ‘Most innovative MRO in 2013’ award, and since then has been sold for nearly 500 aircraft.

Nordwind Airlines and Fokker Services have teaming arrangement to implement the EFB solution for iPad® on the entire Nordwind Airlines fleet. This will provide savings in weight as well as enhanced accessibility of information and performance data.

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“After an intensive selection process Nordwind Airlines has chosen the EFB solution for iPad® offered by Fokker Services. This provides a fully approved solution that meets Nordwind Airlines’ requirements in full”, said Kirill Dedlovsky, Deputy Technical Director – Continuing Airworthiness Manager at Nordwind Airlines.

“Nordwind is a well established airline in the Russian market, and the fact that it has selected Fokker Services is further confirmation of the performance of our EFB solution in for iPad®”, said Heino van der Laan, VP Marketing & Sales at Fokker Services. “We look forward to making this project with five different aircraft types into a big success for Nordwind.” 

The Fokker Services EFB solution for iPad® covers not only the hardware to mount and power the iPad®, but also the associated certification and supporting data, such as manual supplements, to ensure that airworthiness compliance can be demonstrated.

Source: Fokker Services
Date: Jul 1, 2014