The future of flight: Changes in the air

The creature comforts of first-class travel may soon be available to all passengers thanks to new technological advances. Called IntelliCabin, the ground-breaking cabin system offered by BAE Systems, Inc. offers a vastly improved experience for economy passengers — and could be on commercial airlines as early as 2015.

IntelliCabin is an integrated approach to cabin management that provides a modular, scaleable architecture for capabilities such as in-seat power, LED lighting, wireless tablet-based in-flight entertainment and dimmable windows. Its in-seat power solution significantly reduces weight and costs while offering a smart distribution of power based on the needs of each passenger and the overall cabin.

IntelliCabin’s cutting-edge LED lighting and dimmable windows create a more relaxed ambience for travellers and assists with setting the environment for a comfortable on-boarding and travel experience. Using either the central control panel or handheld devices, which can be utilised anywhere in the aircraft, cabin crew are able to adjust temperature and light settings to optimise levels of comfort for passengers throughout the flight, meaning there is more time for crew members to serve and assist passengers on their journey.

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Jared Shoemaker, director of Cabin Systems at BAE Systems’ Commercial Aircraft Solutions added, “Flying can be stressful at times, especially when there are differing time zones at play or a long haul flight to contend with. We set ourselves the task of designing new technology that could provide the ultimate flying experience for passengers and crew from keeping you connected to helping ease the transition from one environment to the next. We believe IntelliCabin does just that. It helps to acclimate you and ease you into a more comfortable atmosphere throughout the flight, helping you to feel more refreshed on arrival.”

BAE Systems’ Commercial Aircraft Solutions has supplied cabin systems for all Boeing 777 aircraft since 1995, delivering more than 1,000 shipsets since 2006. BAE Systems also supplies the Attendant Control Panel that enables the 737 Boeing Sky Interior (BSI). Cabin systems are an integral part of BAE Systems’ commercial aircraft business, demonstrating its commitment to developing innovative and cost-efficient product solutions for all airlines and aircrafts.

For more information on the new IntelliCabin technology, head to the BAE Systems chalet at the Five Building in the Farnborough International Air Show on the 19th – 20th July.

Source: BAE Systems PLC (LSE: BAES.L)
Date: Jun 30, 2014