Saft Wins Major Contract From DCNS For Electrochemical Stacks For PB-61 Powering F21 Torpedoes

Saft, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries for industry, has been awarded a multi-million Euro torpedo electrochemical stacks contract by DCNS, a world leader in naval defense and an innovative player in energy. Under this long-term contract, Saft will supply silver oxide-aluminium (AgO-Al) electrochemical stacks for PB-61 powering heavyweight F21 torpedoes.

DCNS has designed the F21 to be the most advanced torpedo on the world market, and the high energy density AgO-Al seawater activated primary electrochemical stack supplied by Saft delivers the high power essential to achieve a high maximum speed over an extended range.

The F21 has a range greater than 50 km and a top speed in excess of 90 km/h. The AgO-Al electrochemical stacks deliver the high power essential to achieve a high maximum speed over an extended range and propel the 1.6 ton, 6 m long and 0.53 m diameter torpedo at different depths without any degradation. The electrochemical stack also powers the onboard electronic control and guidance.

AgO-Al battery technology is unique to Saft and was developed with DCNS specifically to propel heavyweight and lightweight torpedoes. It delivers twice as much energy and power as conventional silver-zinc batteries for the same mass and volume. The AgO-Al cell chemistry is a primary battery chemistry that is only activated when it comes into contact with seawater – which acts as the electrolyte - meaning that it is fully safe for long-term storage in submarines.

‘This latest contract to supply electrochemical stacks for the F21 torpedo is further consolidation of Saft’s near-30-year relationship with DCNS and cements Saft as the world leader in electric propulsion batteries for heavyweight and lightweight torpedoes’ said Serge Fouilhaux, Director of Saft’s Space & Defence Specialty Battery Group. ‘Silver oxide-aluminium electrochemical stacks are unique to Saft and offer unrivalled performance, reliability and safety for torpedo applications.’

In a separate contract, Saft has also supplies rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries to DCNS to power unarmed exercise torpedoes. Unlike the single-use AgO-Al batteries, the Saft Li-ion batteries can be recharged when the torpedo is recovered after firing, providing very cost-effective power for training exercises.

Source: Saft
Date: Jun 19, 2014