Avinor Selects Saab to Deploy WAM System Along Southwest Coast of Norway

Defense and security company Saab has announced that Avinor, the Air Navigation Service Provider for Norway, has selected Saab to deploy a Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) system along the southwest coast of Norway. The WAM system will provide air traffic controllers with accurate surveillance of flights operating to Bergen Airport Flesland and Stavanger Airport Sola. In addition, the WAM system expands the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) coverage for control of helicopter traffic to oil and gas platforms in the North Sea.

Saab will use multilateration sensors deployed at and around Bergen and Stavanger Airports, as well as on oil and gas platforms in the North Sea, to create a single WAM system for the region. The WAM system will cover three Terminal Maneuvering Areas (TMA), a Control Area (CTA), en route aircraft and helicopter traffic. To create the WAM system, ground stations from multiple, independent systems will deliver surveillance that will be fused together to provide seamless surveillance across the region.

Saab multilateration uses multiple low-maintenance, non-rotating sensors to triangulate aircraft location based on transponder signals. This provides air traffic controllers with precise aircraft position and identification information regardless of weather conditions. With a higher update rate and greater positional accuracy than traditional radar, multilateration delivers effective surveillance for increased safety, capacity and efficiency of airspace and surface operations.

By employing advanced processing techniques, a Saab multilateration system uses the minimal number of sensors needed for a less complex, lower lifecycle cost solution. Additionally, each multilateration sensor deployed by Saab supports ADS-B, providing an infrastructure that is ready for today's surveillance needs and tomorrow's avionics.

"This project illustrates the flexibility of Saab's multilateration technology to be used for multiple simultaneous functions which enables users to maximize the value of their deployed assets," said Ken Kaminski, general manager of Saab ATM. "For example, with this system, a helicopter leaving an oil rig in the North Sea will be tracked with ADS-B from the CTA and continue tracking with WAM in the TMA. Finally, the surface multilateration system at Bergen or Stavanger will track the maneuvers of helicopters."

Source: Saab AB (OMX Stockholm: SAAB B)
Date: Jun 17, 2014