TenCate Advanced Armour shows next generation helicopter armour

TenCate Advanced Armour is an EN/AS 9100 certified manufacturer of aerospace armour systems and has been supplying lightweight composite armour systems for a number of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, to OEMs such as AgustaWestland, Eurocopter / Airbus Helicopters and Embraer. This experience in development and design has resulted in the latest innovation in aerospace armour technology which offers up to 25% weight reduction compared to conventional aerospace armour solutions.

Jean Beugels, Program Manager Aerospace from TenCate Advanced Armour states: ‘As business partner of DSM Dyneema, we were glad to be selected as co-development partner and supporting the setting of requirements for their technology platform, which is a breakthrough in ballistic performance without accepting concessions in secondary properties. It is an important new uni-directional composite as base material for creating cutting-edge ballistic solutions for applications in which weight reduction is the main driver’.

‘We commend TenCate Advanced Armour for proactively addressing evolving requirements for lightweight helicopter and aircraft armour by creating an innovative solution based on Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology’, says Shitij Chabba, Global Business Segment Director, DSM Dyneema. ‘Our co-development work with TenCate will benefit end-customers by enabling greater aircraft agility, fuel economy and payload capacity. We are confident that this leading-edge solution will significantly raise the bar for helicopter ballistic protection and performance.’

Source: TenCate
Date: Jun 17, 2014