Indra Deploys the 1st Certified Helicopter Simulator in Japan

Indra, one of the largest consulting and technology multinationals worldwide, has completed deployment of a simulator for the EC135 helicopter developed by Airbus Helicopters Japan. The system is the first to be granted certification from the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB).

The first flight simulator (FFS) for helicopters in Japan is now operational at a pilot training center close to Kobe airport.

The flight model simulation provides highly realistic reproduction of flight dynamics for the EC135 helicopter. This means pilots can practice flying in a range of situations, making complex landings and takeoffs, and coping with extreme situations such as mechanical issues. The simulator also allows pilots to train in zero visibility, using Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), Night-Vision Goggles (NVG), cockpit systems management and special mission training.

The simulator allows pilots to become more skilled at handling the aircraft, driving up training quality and making for safer flights. Moreover, the system lowers pilot training costs, as some simulation hours will count toward each pilot's flight training, meaning less use of helicopters.

The EC135 helicopter is suitable for emergency medical services, police (surveillance, traffic control), offshore platform services, corporate/VIP transport and military training.

Including this new system, Indra has now deployed a total of five EC135 simulators to Airbus Helicopters. The company has provided training systems for this helicopter model in Dallas (USA), Donauwoerth (Germany), Warsaw (Poland) and Baghdad (Iraq) and Japan.

Indra is one of the world's leading providers of training systems for civil aviation helicopters. Over the last five years it has developed systems for the C 225, EC145, AS-350, EC-175 and Bell 412 models, as well as for the EC135. 

In Asia, Indra has deployed simulators for the EC225 helicopter in Malaysia and China. It was the first company to roll out a helicopter flight simulator in China, which is currently operational in Beijing.

The company has thus reinforced its position in this growth market, where major efforts are being made to improve pilot safety.

Source: Indra
Date: Jun 17, 2014