LM Celebrates 10 Years Advancing Cybersecurity Through Intelligence Driven Defense

Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] commemorated the tenth anniversary of the formal creation of its enterprise cyber defense organization, the Lockheed Martin Computer Incident Response Team (LM-CIRT), by discussing the growing cyber threats facing corporate and government networks and looking forward to delivering another decade of cyber security services.

At a celebration in one of the company’s global network of Security Intelligence Centers, Executive Vice President of Information Systems & Global Solutions (IS&GS) Sondra Barbour, corporate Chief Information Officer Denise Saiki, and Chief Information Security Officer Jim Connelly commended the transformation of what started out as a four-person experimental network defense team into one of the most sophisticated and lauded cyber security organizations in the world.

“The inception of the LM-CIRT was a foundational element in Lockheed Martin’s overall computer network defense,” noted Connelly. “The team’s innovative Intelligence Driven Defense® methodology and the Cyber Kill Chain® framework have transformed the way we approach defending against advanced threats, and have become recognized standards within the global cybersecurity community.”

Among the trends identified by Lockheed Martin:

  • Increasing adoption of multi-layered cyber defense: Organizations have increasingly accepted the need for complex and layered solutions to protect their networks. LM-CIRT publically formalized this concept in 2011 with the release of their framework for defeating threats across the Cyber Kill Chain®. Since its publication, the Cyber Kill Chain has become the de facto standard for analyzing, measuring, and protecting against threats and for collaborative threat information sharing.
  • Growing number of threats: In 2007, when the corporation began tracking advanced persistent threats, it was following 10 distinct campaigns. That number grew to 28 in 2010; Lockheed Martin now tracks 43.
  • Expansion in commercial markets: Many commercial verticals increasingly face sophisticated cyber threats, but often lack the necessary maturity in their own defensive practices. Lockheed Martin has seen a significantly growing interest in cyber defense of industrial control systems in the energy and oil & gas sectors, but has found that the industry as a whole has historically lagged behind cyber adoption for traditional IT networks. Other critical industry verticals, such as healthcare, hi-tech and financial are also moving to step up their cyber defenses.

“Our customers around the world see various reasons their networks face attack – from disruption of service to information collection,” said Anne Mullins, vice president of IS&GS Global Solutions’ business, who previously served as the chief information security officer. “No matter what motivates attackers, I am so proud to see the capabilities we developed internally to protect our own networks now being used to secure operations for the U.S. government, foreign customers and a growing number of major commercial clients.”

Source: Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT)
Date: Jun 5, 2014