International Coalition for Defense meeting to focus on the importance of strong military forces for the Netherlands and Europe

On June 6, 2014, Coalition for Defense (CFD) is to organise a closed high-profile meeting at the Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club in Amsterdam themed ‘Strengthening European Defence Capabilities in a Volatile Environment’. During this meeting, speakers from different EU countries will deliver speeches and have discussions with the guests about the necessity and possibilities to push European defence to a higher level by further cooperation and smart (financial) innovation.

Amongst the speakers are Mr Hans Hillen, former minister of Defence and keynote speaker; HE Ole Emil Moesby, Ambassador of Denmark to the Netherlands; HE Darius Jonas Semaška, Ambassador of Lithuania to the Netherlands; Mr Henk Geveke, Managing Director TNO Defence, Safety & Security; and Mr Jan Wind, WISER Consultancy/chairman KIVI Defence & Security. Moderator is Prof. Julian Lindley-French, Institute for Statecraft, London.

The goal of CFD is to increase the awareness, involvement and support concerning the importance to invest in our defence. Whenever diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions fail, a strong military force is the last resort to protect our safety and economic interests. CFD wants to support the development of a Dutch and European long-term defence plan. Therefore, CFD is organising, amongst other things, a series of (inter)national meetings focused on awareness, transfer of knowledge, and education, and aims towards cooperation with other EU countries. The meeting on 6 June in Amsterdam is the first of the series.

Ton Welter, founder Coalition for Defense: “A reliable, well-equipped defence force is no luxury, but dire necessity; the necessity to protect the economic interests of the Netherlands and Europe in a military manner, and to safeguard the country’s global position as an important economic nation and exporting country. This is why CFD calls upon our country’s government and parliament to terminate irresponsible cutbacks on Defence and to increase the budget to a minimum of 2% of GDP, as agreed upon with other NATO countries. It is time for politicians in The Hague to take their responsibility, keep to international agreements, and show leadership.”

The Coalition for Defense foundation is a broad, independent platform of concerned Dutch citizens, and is not bound to a political party or certain ideology.

Source: Coalition for Defense
Date: Jun 5, 2014