Oshkosh to Debut M-ATV Light at CANSEC 2014

Oshkosh Defense, a division of Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE: OSK), is unveiling a new MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) platform this week at CANSEC 2014. The new platform, named M-ATV Light, offers the performance characteristics of the combat-proven M-ATV in a more compact, transportable design to support the unique requirements of Special Operations and a spectrum of other missions.

“The Oshkosh M-ATV Light is an ideal vehicle to maintain and enforce security levels in predominantly off-road environments that require speed, agility and air transportability,” said U.S. Army Major General (retired), John Urias, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president of Oshkosh Defense. “We are delighted to debut the M-ATV Light in Ottawa at CANSEC 2014 as we demonstrate our continued support of the Canadian Government’s long-term fleet modernization and economic strategies.”

The Oshkosh M-ATV Light is designed to rapidly transport operators across unimproved roads and rugged off-road terrain. The vehicle uses the Oshkosh independent suspension system, which is the industry’s gold standard for off-road mobility for a full range of heavy, medium and light-duty tactical vehicles. The M-ATV Light features enhanced armour protection and an impressive power-to-weight ratio compared to previous generation special operations vehicles.

“The Oshkosh M-ATV is a new option for Special Forces to provide greater protection without sacrificing the air transportability on fixed wing or rotocraft as required for the most demanding missions,” said Urias. “In this vehicle category, the M-ATV Light offers unprecedented performance.”

Oshkosh leverages advanced vehicle design capabilities and command, control, communications and computer (C4) knowledge to deliver fully integrated M-ATVs. This can reduce systems interference and deliver improved ergonomics for troops, while reducing costs and risks associated with third-party integration. The Oshkosh Defense “first-pass” systems integration approach also can accelerate vehicle fielding because it bypasses the need for third-party integrators.

Source: Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE: OSK)
Date: May 27, 2014