Starting Preparations for Static Strength Test

The static strength test aircraft of Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) was transferred today from the final-assembly factory (Komaki South Plant of MHI's Nagoya Aerospace Systems Works located in Aichi Prefecture) to the strength test station to start preparations for the static strength test. The test will start this summer 2014, after preparations have been completed

The static strength test is one of the airframe tests to inspect that the aircraft meets safety standards in strength. Two test aircraft are required for airframe tests .One is for static strength test. The other one is for fatigue test. This time the former was transferred. The airframe tests are necessary for Type Certificate and Airworthiness Certificate acquisitions, and will be conducted in the presence of Civil Aviation Bureau.

Mitsubishi Aircraft and MHI will remain firmly committed to the success of the MRJ program as well as the growth of Japan's aviation industry.

Source: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Date: May 8, 2014