UAS Launcher Manufacturer Robonic Receives ISO and AQAP Quality Certificates

The Finnish manufacturer of unmanned air systems launchers Robonic Ltd Oy, a subsidiary of Sagem (Safran), has been awarded an ISO 9001 quality certificate and AQAP 2110 certificate.  The latter contains requirements that are to be met for defence materiel procurements. The certificates were granted by Bureau Veritas, which is one of the world's leading auditors of quality management systems.

"We have had a quality system in place in our company since 2010. The certificates we just received bear witness to systematic long-term effort and commitment to improvements in our quality system by every member of our staff," states Juha Moisio, Managing Director of Robonic.

The AQAP 2110 certificate is compliant with NATO standards, and is therefore used extensively in procurements of defence products and services. An organization can receive an AQAP 2110 certificate provided it already possesses a valid ISO 9001 certificate, whose requirements are expanded and further specified by AQAP 2110. The purpose of the latter is to ensure that the procedures and documentation of an organization guarantee the faultless operation of defence equipment and systems and make possible to trace the entire chain of manufacturing of items of equipment.

"To customers or tender requesters alike, quality certificates show that an organization carries out its business methodically and in accordance with agreed procedures," Moisio sizes up.

Robonic is partner to the world's leading suppliers of unmanned tactical air systems and several manufacturers of aerial targets. The company's Ohto and Kontio launchers are in use with ten operators.

Robonic launchers are compatible with both slow unmanned air systems and high-speed aerial targets. The fastest vehicle launched by the date of this release is the CEI (Composite Engineering Inc) Firejet with the launch speed of 250 km/h. The heaviest system lso far is the 500-kg class Falco manufactured by the Selex company. Robonic Kontio launchers are used by the French Army for the operations of Sperwer Mk II tactical UAVs systems, produced by Sagem.

Source: Robonic Ltd Oy
Date: May 7, 2014