Plane engine failure causes scare at Melbourne Airport

Flights were disrupted at Melbourne Airport Tuesday after an engine failure on a Vietnam Airlines plane left debris on the runway, officials and reports said.

Small spot fires were seen coming from one of the engines of the flight to Ho Chi Minh City as it prepared to take off, but it safely came to a halt and no one was hurt.

"Debris came out of the aircraft's engine along with little spot fires but it was nothing major," a Melbourne Airport spokeswoman said.

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"Let me assure you that everyone was safe and no one was in any danger."

The plane was towed away and debris removed with flights quickly resuming.

A passenger told ABC radio the plane sat on the runway for 30 minutes after the incident.

He said the nose had begun lifting during take-off when engine two failed, forcing the pilot to abandon the flight. It was not clear how many people were on board.

Last month a plane carrying 93 people landing safely at Perth Airport after a midair engine fire shortly after take-off.

No one was hurt during the scare on the Cobham Aviation jet bound from Perth for Barrow Island in Western Australia.

by Jo Biddle © 2014 AFP

Source: AFP
Date: May 6, 2014