Meggitt Training Systems demos next generation simulation training for Canadian law enforcement

Meggitt Training Systems (Quebec) will provide private demonstrations of its latest advanced training technologies at this year’s BlueLine Expo, April 29-30; Ajax Convention Center; Ajax, ON in booth ‘G’.

Canadian law enforcement, like other agencies around the globe are experiencing tighter budgets and increased calls for service. Fewer training dollars and increased workload, leaves little time and resources for firearms training.

Senior law enforcement personnel and firearms trainers are continually looking for effective and efficient ways to maximize training dollars. The use of marksmanship and scenario-based simulation training systems combined with live fire contributes to time and cost savings as well as improved operational performance.

The FATS® L7 is an advanced, self-contained simulation training system that can reside in a fixed position within a training facility or contained and easily moved from room to room; ready for officers in minutes. A compact touch screen tablet PC provides wireless instructor control for ease of use, while an intuitive graphic interface eliminates the need for lengthy instructor training in system functioning.

The FATS® L7 system provides basic to advanced marksmanship training. Within individual Marksmanship Training mode, the system can emulate a range-type training environment where each officer may shoot a different exercise, and in accordance with range safety/spacing guidelines, the system can support training of up to four officers simultaneously.

The FATS® L7 system also provides for judgmental training used to enhance the officer’s understanding of shoot/don’t shoot situations, use of force and the associated decision making process. The system can support the training of multiple officers simultaneously, and a combination of up to eight system-controlled weapons in a judgmental training scenario, enabling team training.

The flexibility and advanced features and authoring tools of the FATS® L7 allows instructors to continuously adapt training courseware to meet ever changing departmental needs. Integrated authoring tools provide instructors with the ability to create new marksmanship training courses, while the integrated video authoring station supports the creation of new video scenarios. From active shooters to vehicle stops, agencies can build their training programs around what their officers experience on the street.

Source: Meggitt Training Systems
Date: Apr 15, 2014