Indra Will Provide the Army With Seven New Victrix Simulators

The Ministry of Defence has awarded Indra a contract to provide seven new Victrix shooting simulators that will be installed at various Army barracks and bases. The systems, which will be delivered throughout the year, will be combined with actual training to help improve soldier preparedness.

The systems have been developed at Indra's Centre of Excellence in León and will join 15 other simulators that Indra delivered to the Army in previous years. These systems have proven to be effective training tools. Indra is one of the leading simulator manufacturers in the world and it has delivered 200 simulators in 23 countries for more than 50 customers.

The simulators include the improvements that have been developed for the Army in recent years, including the simulation of the new combat firearm, equipment consumption optimisation and the addition of new exercises.

The Victrix system has an intelligent tactical environment that allows the virtual reproduction on a large screen of common situations faced by forces involved in international missions.  For example, it simulates advancing through a street in a hostile urban environment, establishing a control point in a city or a joint operation with forces from another country. Soldiers must learn to react properly, distinguishing situations that are dangerous from those that are not.

For optimal realism, the simulator allows soldiers to use their own physical weapon, adapting it with a laser and a compressed air system that reproduces the recoil effect. This means that soldiers can train with the same weapon they will use in actual operations, such as the H&K G36 assault rifle used by Spanish Armed Forces or other standard weapons.

The system also allows setting various agility and precision exercises, such as those used at a shooting range. The system's benefits include the flexibility it offers instructors in terms of designing the exercises and determining the degree of difficulty. It also significantly improves soldier capabilities by allowing additional training hours.

Indra's Victrix simulators will be implemented at the General Morillo Base in San Andrés de Figueirido (Pontevedra), the General Gabeiras Barracks in Ronda (Málaga), the Santa Bárbara Barracks in Murcia, the San Bernardo Barracks in Jaca (Huesca), the Puerto Rosario Barracks in Fuerteventura, the Hoya Fría Barracks in Tenerife, and the General Almirante Barracks de Valencia

Source: Indra
Date: Mar 19, 2014