Co-operative Agreement between Marine Alutech OY AB and Scanfiber Composites A/S

Scanfiber specialises in the development and manufacturing of customised light-weight armour solutions to a large variety of customers within the military as well as the civilian sector. Highly customised solutions and top quality are important aspects for Scanfiber. These qualities, together with many years of experience, have just landed Scanfiber a three-year contract with Marine Alutech on 12 Watercat M18 vessels.  

According to Marine Alutech, Scanfiber offers the lightest and most secure solutions on the market. Therefore, Scanfiber was chosen among many competitors because of Scanfiber’s top quality and competitive products.  “Scanfiber has provided innovative solution that meets our challenging requirements for this extraordinary project” commented Mr. Niko Haro, Managing Director of Marine Alutech Oy Ab. He further explains that “Light-weight and cost efficiency has been largely drivers when different products are compared. Important issue for end user is not just protection, but how material behaves”.

The innovative and productive cooperation between Scanfiber and Marine Alutech has in this project resulted in a new light-weight solution for Add-on Armour for Marine Alutech’s boats. Because of the cooperation, Scanfiber has developed a stronger but lighter solution in order to meet the increased demands of the Finnish Marine. The contract will run up to and including the year 2016 with the first delivery in first quarter of 2014. The cooperation concerning ballistic protection will amount to close to two million euro contract for Scanfiber.

A trial order for protecting another type of vessel, the PV08 patrol boat, was placed at Scanfiber in August 2013. It was an upgrading project for the Finnish Coast Guard. This satisfying delivery lead to further discussions and development to the larger newly entered project.

Marine Alutech and Scanfiber have tested the products together with the Finnish navy as end users. Project manager Mr. Jouni Hirvenkivi states that “Marine Alutech Oy Ab in co-operation with Finnish Defence Forces Research and Development Center has executed comprehensive testing of different Ballistic Protection panel solutions and Scanfiber Composites A/S’ solutions Scanguard was found to be best suitable for challenging Watercat M18 AMC project”.

Scanfiber is very pleased with the cooperation between Marine Alutech and Scanfiber


Date: Mar 17, 2014