TCG and ISI Announce MoU to Offer Expanded Set of TDL Solutions

Tactical Communications Group (TCG) and Interoperability Systems International S.A. (ISI), today announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) concerning their intended cooperation towards providing joint solutions to their world-wide customers.  As tactical data links (TDL) proliferate around the world, requirements for interoperability between legacy data links (such as Link 11, Link 11B etc.) and advanced protocols continue to multiply. In order to meet some of the legacy data link standards required by its international customers, TCG intends to license elements of ISI’s Universal Link System (ULS) to complement TCG’s Ground Tactical Data Link System (GTS®).

“We consider this cooperation with TCG, as the culmination of ISI’s expertise and long standing history in the TDL field, as well as its conviction in building solid relationships and creating synergies with top-of-breed companies, aiming at providing complete, effective and innovative solutions to the TDL community,” said Nikos Ghikas, ISI’s Director of Business Development. “We look forward in extending our scope and jointly offer new innovative solutions in the future.”

“We are pleased to partner with ISI to bring additional data link capabilities to our customers. We have worked closely with ISI in the past year and have enormous respect for their products and data link knowledge,” said Frank Newark, TCG’s Vice President of Engineering.  “While our immediate collaboration is focused on the Link 11 domain, we believe that additional cooperation opportunities will present themselves as more nations develop and mature their data link infrastructures.”

Source: Interoperability Systems International S.A.
Date: Feb 18, 2014