Nepal's Shree Airlines expands its Airbus Helicopters fleet

Shree Airlines today received the first of five AS350 B3e rotorcraft ordered last year from Airbus Helicopters, expanding this Nepal-based operator’s capabilities for passenger transport and utility missions throughout the region.

The new AS350 B3e was formally presented to Shree Airlines at the Singapore Airshow, where this helicopter is on display at the Changi Exhibition Centre. As a member of Airbus Helicopters’ popular Ecureuil rotorcraft family, the AS350 B3e excels in hot conditions and at very high altitudes.

Shree Airlines currently has one AS350 B3e in its inventory, and will use the expanded Airbus Helicopters fleet for services that include search and rescue, aerial work and disaster relief missions in Nepal. It also plans to expand passenger transport and utility mission operations into the neighboring countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan and Myanmar in the future.

“Airbus Helicopters is ready to support Shree Airlines as it develops services in one of the world’s most challenging operating environments,” said Derek Sharples, the Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia. “It can count on the AS350 B3e’s capabilities, as well as the full resources of our technical hub in Singapore.”

When deliveries of all five new AS350 B3e rotorcraft are completed, Shree Airlines will be the largest operator of this model in Nepal. The proven capabilities of this aircraft are well demonstrated in this country where 95% of single-engine multi-role helicopters come from the AS350 family.

“We look forward to growing our business with the AS350 B3e. Its enhanced performance fits well with our strong focus and commitment towards providing safe and high quality services to our private and governmental customers, along with multinational organizations that include the United Nations,” explained Shree Airlines Managing Director Sudhir Mittal.

Today, some 5,600 Ecureuil-family rotorcrafts have been delivered by Airbus Helicopters to approximately 1,600 operators in 130 countries. These aircraft have accumulated a total of more than 26 million flight hours. The AS350 B3e has a maximum speed of 287 km/h and with standard tank a range of 638 km, with a maximum endurance of nearly 4.5 hours.

Source: Airbus Helicopters
Date: Feb 11, 2014