UTC Aerospace Systems Awarded RAAF Contract for C-130 Wheels and Carbon Brakes

UTC Aerospace Systems was awarded a contract to provide the Commonwealth of Australia upgraded wheels and brakes for their C-130 aircraft.  UTC Aerospace Systems is a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

The new UTC Aerospace Systems C-130 wheels and brakes feature the latest in technology and industry-leading innovation.  The carbon brakes use proprietary DURACARB® carbon heat sink material that provides eight times longer life than the current steel brake.  The DURACARB carbon also provides significant performance improvement in brake cooling time that allows aircraft flight crews the ability to depart tactical areas more quickly after delivering cargo.  The boltless wheels employ a lock-ring design, substantially lowering maintenance time and cost, in addition to reduced parts count, when compared to traditional bolted aircraft wheels.

"The new C-130 wheel and brake equipment is scheduled for delivery to the Royal Australian Air Force at Richmond Air Base, New South Wales, Australia in May, 2014.  We are pleased the Royal Australian Air Force has selected our advanced wheel and braking system for their C-130 transport aircraft," stated Jeff Atkinson, Director of Military Programs for UTC Aerospace Systems Wheels and Brakes.  "This selection demonstrates their confidence in our innovative and service-proven technology.  In 2013 we completed delivery of these advanced wheels and brakes to the U.S. Air Force for their C-130 fleet upgrade.  We now look forward to providing our C-130 wheels and brakes for the first time to an international fleet."

Source: UTC Aerospace Systems
Date: Feb 10, 2014