APB Receives FAA Certification for Split Scimitar Winglets

Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) announced today that it has received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) from the FAA for Split Scimitar Winglets to be installed on Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The Split Scimitar Winglet program is the culmination of a five-year design effort using the latest computational fluid dynamic technology to redefine the aerodynamics of the Blended Winglet into an all-new Split Scimitar Winglet. The unique feature of the Split Scimitar Winglet is that it uses the existing Blended Winglet structure, but adds new strengthened spars, aerodynamic scimitar tips, and a large ventral strake.

"The APB team's unique expertise combined with support from the FAA allowed STC issuance to come just weeks after completion of flight tests." said Mike Stowell, Aviation Partners Boeing executive vice president and chief technical officer. "We have seen record breaking pre-certification orders on this program demonstrating the credibility our products have developed with the marketplace.  Including our program launch customer, United Airlines, who has now partnered with APB on five unique certification programs, we expect to see a dozen airlines operating Split Scimitar Winglets in revenue service within the next couple of months."

APB will develop and certify the Split Scimitar Winglet modification for all of the Boeing 737-700, 800 and 900 series aircraft including Boeing Business Jets.  APB expects to start certification flight testing on the 737-900ER in mid-February achieving certification by late July 2014.

"We continue to develop the world's best aircraft drag reduction technology thereby reducing fuel usage and lessening aircraft environmental impact," said Bill Ashworth, Aviation Partners Boeing president and chief executive officer. "Our winglet systems have had such a profound impact on aviation and the environment that in 2012 APB was named as the recipient of the prestigious Corporate Award for Balance, by the Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation. The Award is presented for technological initiatives that have balanced technology and nature to significantly improve aviation and the general quality of life."

APB's Split Scimitar Winglet program is the most successful product launch in its history.  Since launching the program early last year, APB has now taken orders and options for 1,461 Split Scimitar Winglet systems. Over the last 10 years, APB has sold more than 7,000 Blended Winglet Systems.  5,300 Blended Winglet Systems are now in service with over 200 airlines in more than 100 countries. APB estimates that Blended Winglets have saved airlines worldwide 4.1 billion gallons of jet fuel to-date thus eliminating over 43 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. 

Aviation Partners Boeing is a Seattle based joint venture of Aviation Partners, Inc. and The Boeing Company.

Source: Aviation Partners Boeing
Date: Feb 6, 2014