Astronautics MFDS Flies On Spanish Navy's Upgraded AB-212 Helicopter

The Spanish Navy’s recently upgraded AB-212 helicopter prototype successfully completed its first test flight on December 17 with Astronautics Corporation of America’s Multi-Function Display System (MFDS) onboard. SENER-INAER AB-212, a joint venture between the engineering and technology group SENER and INAER Helicópteros SAU, is upgrading seven of the Spanish Navy’s AB-212 helicopters under the AB-212 Helicopter Life Extension Program, and Astronautics’ newest MFDS is an important part of the avionics.

Astronautics’ MFDS consists of four Electronic Flight Instruments (EFIs) and an Engine Data Concentrator Unit (EDCU). The EFIs display primary flight, navigation and engine information. Additionally, the EFIs have the capability to receive and display video using several different video inputs. The EDCU converts engine and other system information to digital format so that it can be displayed on the EFI.

Source: Astronautics Corporation of America
Date: Feb 4, 2014