Theodore Roosevelt Conducts Supply Replenishment from Above

The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) successfully conducted a vertical replenishment (VERTREP) at sea after receiving supplies from the fleet replenishment oiler USNS Kanahwa (T-AO 196) Jan. 30.

Aviation boatswain's mates on the flight deck stood with their arms outstretched over their heads in the universal sign for a touchdown each time an SH-60H Sea Hawk helicopter from the Dragonslayers of Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (HS) 11 lowered supplies on to the ship.

The carrier received 75 pallets of food and other supplies, as the ship carried out underway training in preparation for future deployments.

We brought in 44 pallets of food, six pallets of energy drinks and 25 pallets of stock-direct turnover material (DTO)," said Lt. Remuis D. Walls, the material control officer aboard Theodore Roosevelt. "DTO are materials that our repair parts petty officers order in order to keep our ship in operational condition."

HS-11 did the heavy lifting by ferrying supply pallets from Kanahwa to TR.

"We, as pilots, love flying VERTREPs," said Lt. Daniel Foose, a helicopter pilot with HS-11. "It's a very dynamic exercise and a change of pace from what we normally do."

This VERTREP was the first of the year for TR and, with the ship's busy schedule, most likely will not be the last.

"We do a VERTREP for speed and accuracy," said Walls. "The ratio is around 60 pallets per hour per helo. It's not unheard of for carriers to receive up to 500 pallets during one VERTREP on deployment. It all depends on what the mission is and where we are in the world."

Theodore Roosevelt is underway conducting training in preparation for future deployments.

Source: US Navy
Date: Feb 3, 2014