Aviation Finance Company completes private financing for 5 Boeing 737-800 aircraft for a major international carrier

Aviation Finance Company Limited (AFC) announced the completion of the placement of permanent financing for a large international carrier with short and long-haul operations globally. AFC played an integral role aligning interests and requirements of Boeing, the carrier and the investor. The structure of the financing strongly validates the growing role of the capital markets in aircraft financing.  "This transaction represents the core of structural changes around which AFC has built its business," said Douglas Brennan, CEO of Aviation Finance Limited. "With current uncertainty around bank financing, we expect ECA's to continue to play a major role, but the private placement markets represent a growing source of finance that will blossom to meet the needs of our most important customers: investors and airlines."

"We see the private-placement market as another important source of efficient financing for our customers.  Recognition by capital markets investors of the strong performance of aircraft-backed securities along with growing opportunities to provide finance to leasing companies and global airlines drive the growth of the private-placement opportunities.  This market should nicely compliment the EETC market by giving our customers tailored solutions to do smaller number of deliveries and yet achieve similar economics with larger transactions," said Kostya Zolotusky, managing director for capital markets development and leasing at Boeing Capital Corp., the manufacturer's financing and leasing unit.  Boeing estimates that over the next 20 years, 33,000+ commercial aircraft will be manufactured globally, representing a market value (at 2010 prices) of over $4 trillion: Less than 20% of those deliveries to US airlines. Commercial aircraft financing will exceed $100 billion per year outstripping traditional funding due to shifting capital and regulatory changes.

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Source: Aviation Finance Company Limited
Date: Jan 16, 2014