Elbit Systems Unveils Revolutionary UGV 'Avantguard'

(Israel, Haifa - October 2, 2005) -- At the upcoming AUSA exhibition, Elbit Systems will unveil "AvantGuard", a futuristic Autonomous Ground Vehicle and the first and only such vehicle to offer the options of unmanned or manned operation. "AvantGuard" will be displayed at the Elbit Systems of America stand. AvantGuard has already generated enthusiastic response for its trend setting reliability and impressive performance in a repertoire of diverse missions ranging from surveillance and reconnaissance to neutralization of IEDs (Improvise Explosive Devises). Incorporating unique, proprietary advanced robotics and sensor technologies, AvantGuard's smart capabilities allow it to virtually think, avoid obstacles, and communicate. Its structural features enable performance in the toughest, most complex terrains. The revolutionary autonomous ground vehicle is based on the TOMCAR, All-Terrain Vehicle Model TM27GL. It combines ruggedness, strength and advanced intelligence to accomplish challenging preprogrammed missions and has the brainpower to perform and think independently when necessary. Extremely agile, AvantGuard is equipped with a highly sophisticated sensor suite for obstacle detection and avoidance. Customizable and affordable, AvantGuard can penetrate areas that manned vehicles can't access. Unmanned, it can reveal what is on the battlefield before troops get there. Manned, it offers a new degree of flexibility and options unmatched by any other autonomous ground vehicle in the field. AvantGuard keeps soldiers out of harm's way by performing day and night surveillance and reconnaissance missions in crowded or urban terrains. It is also highly effective for patrolling security perimeters and quick interdiction of infiltrators through security fences. Additionally, AvantGuard can be used for risk-free investigation and neutralization of IEDs. Based on the mission profile, AvantGuard can carry various payloads - including electro-optical, communication relay, jamming and weapon stations. At the AUSA exhibition, AvantGuard will be equipped with Elbit Systems' 7.62 remote-controlled weapons station which is also making its exhibition debut. The ORCWS 7.62 mm, Overhead Remote Controlled Weapon Station is fully stabilized and designed for optimal integration into various platforms with no deck penetration. The system has a very low silhouette and weighs less than 95 kg. Safe, reliable performance is based on advanced features such as a sensory perception package for identification and avoidance of static and dynamic obstacles. Missions plotted in advance can be rerouted in mid-course by ground-stationed operators. The vehicle has been designed with precisely controlled speed functions and a turn rate similar to human manipulation. Inertial navigation is backed by a DGPS system with three control levels. Other features include front and rear cameras, including a 360º omni-directional remotely operated pedestal. The vehicle also is equipped with a bi-directional intercom and an independent emergency braking system which is activated upon loss of communication with command post. About Elbit Systems Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international defense electronics company engaged in a wide range of defense-related programs throughout the world, in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (“C4ISR”), advanced electro-optic and space technologies. The Company focuses on the upgrading of existing military platforms and developing new technologies for defense and homeland security applications. Contact: Rosen Dalia, Corporate Communications Director Tel: 972-4-831-6784 Fax: 972-4-831- 5420 E-Mail : daliarosen@elbit.co.il Ilana Gelfer, Marketing Communications Tel : +972-4-831-5056 Fax: +972-4-831-7902 E-Mail: marcom@elbit.co.il

Source: Elbit Systems
Date: Oct 3, 2005

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