Meggitt awarded $18M Australian DoD contract

Meggitt Training Systems has been awarded an USD $18M contract from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) under the Hardened & Networked Army (HNA) and Enhanced Land Force (ELF) Phase 3 program.

Defense agencies around the world continue to identify ways to improve military readiness despite ever-tightening budgets. The ADF continues to see simulation as a means of minimizing the costs associated with live fire training while ensuring its ground forces are well trained and ready to deploy. Using a combined weapons training strategy, agencies can train within a virtual environment more often, reducing large live-fire training exercises without sacrificing training effectiveness. Networked Weapon Training Simulation Systems (WTSS) allow the ADF to train within virtual environments around the world without the logistical burden and costs associated with transporting personnel and equipment to one location.

Meggitt has supplied Simulation Systems to the ADF since 1999. During this period, two upgrades have been undertaken for the WTSS and IFT systems. Meggitt is in the final phase for the delivery of the HNA/ELF Phase 2.

Under the HNA/ELF Phase 3 contract, Meggitt will provide hardware and software upgrades to 18 existing WTSS facilities throughout Australia, adding mortar crew and collective training to existing individual marksmanship training capabilities. The contract includes development and delivery of simulators for 52-81mm mortars; 14-upgraded 0.50 cal heavy machine guns; new BlueFire® Browning pistols; and an 84mm Carl Gustav anti-tank weapon with new ammunition natures.

“As the selected manufacturer and training systems’ supplier to the ADF for training and weapon simulators, Meggitt Training Systems is fulfilling this upgrade as part of the ADF’s continuous effort to advance legacy virtual systems to the latest configuration, improve overall system accessibility and save on costs associated with live fire training,” said Ron Vadas, President, Meggitt Training Systems.

Source: Meggitt Training Systems
Date: Dec 19, 2013