MetaVR Begins Delivery of 119 Visual Licenses for ANG KC-135R Boom Operator Refueling Simulators

MetaVR announces it has started delivering Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) real-time licenses for the production order of the KC-135R Air National Guard (ANG) Boom Operator Simulator System (BOSS). In November, the first 14 VRSG licenses were delivered to FAAC Inc., part of Arotech Corporation's Training and Simulation Division. The next 14 VRSG licenses will be delivered to FAAC in January 2014. The total BOSS production run will consist of 17 simulators, each with 7 MetaVR VRSG software licenses, for a total of 119 licenses over the aerial refueling simulator’s two-year production period.

This fully immersive Distributed Mission Operations (DMO)-capable boom operator trainer is a high-fidelity replica of a KC-135R Block 40 boom pod. The simulation environment emulates the actual aircraft boom controls, and includes associated operating systems, 4-channel image generation and projection systems, instructor operator station, physics-based tanker and receiver models, threat environment generation station, and ARCNet Gateway. Other technologies include head-tracking, voice recognition and synthetic response, and a recording/debriefing capability. The compact size of the BOSS (22' x 21') allows it to fit within a 27' x 30' room with 12' ceilings.

The BOSS is intended for squadron-level training to be co-located with operational KC-135 air refueling wings. The ANG will field the 17 BOSS systems at locations across the US where fully qualified boom operators at the ANG KC-135R flying units will be able to use the BOSS for a complete training curriculum: initial qualification, difference qualification, certification, requalification, mission certification, and instructor upgrade training, and meet Aerial Refueling Airplane Simulator Qualification (ARASQ) standards. Mission-rehearsal DMO training will be through the ANG Distributed Training Operations Center (DTOC).

As part of the delivery, MetaVR is providing 4-meter 3D terrain of its North America (CONUS++) 3D terrain enhanced with cultural lighting for all of the CONUS area. The terrain features cultural lights points that are geospecific to actual road networks.

Source: MetaVR
Date: Dec 12, 2013