Charles River Analytics Announces Award to Build and Manage US Army Training Material

Charles River Analytics, a developer of intelligent systems solutions, announces a follow-on contract to aid the creation of training material for the US Army. The Army continually creates new training materials as new weapons, equipment, and procedures are adopted and as training methods and technologies advance.  Authors often adapt, refine, or extract information from existing training materials, but locating all the relevant existing materials is labor-intensive. Similarly, the needs of trainees are changing rapidly and training is increasingly on-demand and online. This makes it essential for trainees to quickly locate relevant training materials. Charles River’s Collaborative Repository and Exchange for Adaptable Training Environments, known as CREATE, addresses these issues by making it easier for authors of new training materials as well as trainees to find and manage training materials.

"The CREATE project eases the difficulty of authoring, managing, and deploying training content,” said Mr. Max Metzger, technical lead on the project at Charles River. “It uses advanced analysis and search to extract meaning from training materials, and then provides a collaborative, web-based environment to search, manage, and deliver those training materials.” These searches are based on meaning and therefore are not subject to the limitations of keyword searches, which typically return only a subset of desired content as well as quantities of unwanted content that authors must sift through.

Dr. Terry Patten, the Principal Investigator on the project at Charles River, added, “Efficient searches will help Soldiers quickly find the right training materials for their needs.”

Source: Charles River Analytics
Date: Dec 6, 2013