Finnish Defence Forces Place EUR1,3 M Order with Kenno Tech

Kenno Tech received a new order of close to EUR1,3 M for Balpro® Protector systems and Balpro® Containers from the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF). The FDF exercised some of the purchase options, which are included in its February 2012 purchase decision for these products. The deliveries will start this year and continue into 2014. The Balpro® Protector system is a fast-to-build modular fortification system designed for expeditionary forces. The system may be used for many applications including:

  • Camp walls/perimeter walls: one Balpro® Protector system set provides 42 metres of 2,44 metre high defence wall for perimeter security. Elements equipped with doors may be included.
  • Protected shelters or bunkers: a fully enclosed shelter with internal measurements of 5 x 6 metres and a height of 2,44 metres can be assembled from one Balpro® Protector system set.
  • Observation points with watch towers.
  • Garage/storage facilities, bays, revetments etc.
  • Safe corridors for e.g. VIPs.
  • The elements may also be used as flood barriers.

For transport a Balpro® Protector system set of 7 laser-welded sandwich steel elements forms a 20 ft sea container equivalent unit. The newest functionality in the system is a watch tower and currently a drive-through gate is being developed.

The Balpro® Container is a ballistically protected container designed to keep personnel or equipment safe from small calibre threats.

The Balpro® products’ innovative solutions ensure uniform protection capabilities throughout the surface area of the product elements.

Source: Kenno Tech Oy
Date: Nov 21, 2013