Instaknow Helps Rockwell Collins Manage $350 Million Air Force Contract

( 28 September 2005 - South Plainfield, NJ) - Instaknow contracts with Rockwell Collins to build real time dashboards Instaknow’s unique software platform, ACE (Active Collaboration Engine), has been deployed by Rockwell Collins to build program management real time dashboards in support of its newly won contract with the United States Air Force (USAF). Instaknow-ACE allows for systems integration across all sources of digitized information and automates business processes across the enterprise and the Web without writing code and without change to existing systems. This unmatched capability proved to be one of several key differentiators in Rockwell Collins’ winning bid with the U.S. Air Force’s Ground Element Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network (MEECN) System (GEMS) program. The total program value is estimated at more than $350 million over 6 years. Meeting the Challenge The Air Force’s RFP required “timely reporting” of project progress. “ACE will allow Rockwell Collins to quickly build an innovative real-time dashboard that exceeds the USAF's requirement for timely access to program management information,” said Jeff Sherer, SVP, Instaknow. “The patented ’non-intrusive Model Driven Architecture’ of Instaknow-ACE provides key benefits.” Instaknow’s no-code, no-system-change approach resulted in unmatched ease of use, rapid deployment and low TCO in achieving Rockwell Collins’ objectives. The Air Force and Rockwell Collins Project Management teams are on the “same page.” More than 100 users, both customer and vendor, will benefit from secure, real time Instaknow reporting, gathering and analyzing information from multiple information sources, empowering project decisions and keeping everyone on the same page. The system allows Rockwell Collins to further customize its reporting capability, helping to mitigate project risk and ensure success. The GEMS program will replace Air Force and Navy fixed and deployable communications for bomber, tanker, reconnaissance and other alert communications facilities. This system will provide an upgraded networked infrastructure incorporating improved capabilities for aircrew alerting, message handling and the supporting communications links. About Instaknow: Instaknow’s Active Collaboration Engine (ACE), a patented, innovative software platform, visually configures highly advanced real-time process automation solutions without code and without change to existing systems. Its ubiquitous “n-MDA” non-intrusive Model Driven Architecture is unmatched. Instaknow’s integration partners continue to build and deploy advanced integration and automation solutions across government, military, and corporate sectors. For more information, visit or contact: Jeff Sherer, SVP, Business Development: 908-754-9500 Ext. 1038;

Source: Instaknow
Date: Sep 28, 2005

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