Plasan Security Solutions Delivers Advanced Mission-Specific Vehicles with Full System Integration and Customization for Homeland Security Challenges

Plasan, the leading designer and manufacturer of armored systems for tactical manned ground vehicles, announced today that it has formed a new division, Plasan Security Solutions (PSS), which offers integrated mobile solutions for homeland security missions. These solutions are aimed at offering territorial dominance over the last-mile, extending fixed deployed solutions.

Building on Plasan's technological leadership, operational know-how and vast track record, PSS delivers the definitive manned-vehicle responses to homeland security threats such as illegal border crossing, terrorism and organized crime, public disorder, safety incidents and natural disasters, by enabling fast deployment of forces and surveillance systems. The vehicles feature high maneuverability, superior armor protection, and fully integrated technologies to match specific customer requirements and operational needs.

Plasan Security Solution's fully integrated, highly advanced sensors and systems include long-range surveillance and intelligence systems, tactical radars, command and control, advanced communication and more. These systems are integrated to form a holistic solution which is easily deployed on different platforms suitable to the mission and territory. The systems may be added to existing fleets.

"We recognize the homeland security demand for integrated solutions as a growing market due to advanced threats" stated Dani Ziv, Plasan's CEO. "We provide our customers with the safety and protection they must have in facing threats and add PSS integration capabilities to form a solution that answers the different needs such organizations have. We are dedicated to safeguarding lives, protecting valuable equipment and contributing to successful operations with solutions that are substantially advanced beyond current standards."

Source: Plasan
Date: Nov 19, 2013