DEE & EPS Form New Defence Vehicles JV, Ascender Vehicles Limited

DEE-Ltd  and EPS have formed a new joint venture company, Ascender Vehicles Limited.  The new organisation will bring together the design engineering, development, manufacture and marketing for the current and future planned range of specialist light military vehicles, including the Weevil, Whippet & Dingo.

The initial programme for the organisation is a new light, two-seater all-terrain platform, Whippet 2, the pre-production version of which will commence trials shortly, prior to a planned demonstration tour of key export and emerging markets overseas.  Powered by a supercharged Lombardini diesel engine, driving through automatic transmission, the multi-role vehicle is designed for air or heli-borne insertion directly into military theatres.

Ascender Co-director, Neil McAdam says, “DEE and EPS formed a strategic alliance some time ago, which has proved highly successful both for the respective companies and for their customers and their users.  There is now a compelling business case to establish a more formal commercial entity to support our future plans and particularly to provide an appropriate umbrella as we expand our activities in both established export and emerging markets”.

Co-director Terry Carpenter says, “Ascender Vehicles consolidates the strength and experience of both DEE-Ltd and EPS – and builds on the success that we have achieved already as strategic partners.  The formation of the new cohesive organisation will also allow us to build further alliances with third-parties in global markets, including opportunities for local assembly and manufacture under licence”.

Source: EPS UK Ltd - DEE Ltd (Adrian Graves Limited)
Date: Nov 6, 2013