Cubic Wins $10 M with Army Reserve for Engagement Skills Trainer

Cubic Defense Systems , a subsidiary of Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB) announced today it was awarded a $10 million contract with the U.S. Army Reserves to provide its Engagement Skills Trainer™ (EST 3000™) virtual training system, simulated weapons and services.

EST 3000™ trains marksmanship, offensive & defensive collective, and “shoot-don’t shoot” judgmental firing skills. The EST 3000™ is a portable system that leverages the training capabilities provided by the EST 2000™ U.S. Army-certified system.  EST 3000™ will provide the U.S. Army Reserves with enhanced fundamentals of marksmanship capabilities through immediate feedback efficiency indicators (trigger pressure, pitch, cant) and 3D targets.  The system uses high fidelity game engine graphics that provide realism to marksmanship and collective scenarios.  This overall simulation capability will allow Reserve Soldiers to increase their training effectiveness with reduced time and cost, and supports the overall Army Reserves training strategy.  

“In collaboration with our customer, we retained the features most important to them, such as ballistic accuracy and weapon use, and migrated to the much smaller, more portable and more versatile EST 3000™ system,” said Dave Schmitz, president of Cubic Defense Systems.  “During this time of fiscal constraint, the EST 3000™ allows their Soldiers to familiarize at home station before deploying to a weapons range, which lowers their costs by reducing their time on ranges, while increasing their overall weapons qualifications.”

The EST 3000™ will play a significant role in preparing the Soldiers of the Army Reserve in meeting the challenges of today's threats.

Source: Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB)
Date: Oct 31, 2013