The Future of Warfare - Bullets and Bombs or Bits and Bytes?

Cyberspace is the Fifth Domain of warfare. Future disputes will increasingly take place with blows of bits and bytes. Armies, industries, essential services, financial systems and communication networks around the world are immensely vulnerable. Rouge digital mass shooters, deranged and/or outraged hackers, and certainly nations, can cause unimaginable damage.

This is why governments and private vendors are investing heavily in defensive and offensive cyber weapons, creating a huge, mostly classified market. Over the next four years, NATO nations (especially the US) will considerably increase their investment in Offensive & Defensive Cyber Weapons while the non-NATO world will also invest heavily in Internet warfare capabilities. The result is a multi-billion dollar market, growing (and sometimes shrinking) in ways that require a keen intellect to master and exploit successfully. Look at the graph below to get a feel for the size and complexity of this market.

Scenario I – Offensive Cyber Weapons –Global Market Forecast by Region by ($Billion) – 2014-2024

This complicated, uncertain and rich market is why Market Info Group is introducing a new research report that provides a triple-scenario analysis. Our cyber warfare team examined the global evolutionary paths of Offensive & Defensive Cyber Weapons over three possible futures – each then detailed by regions, weapon types and technologies.

This unique research effort highlights multiple business opportunities, usable operating concepts and background data on Zero Day Vulnerabilities and DDoS. Together, those features go a long way toward equipping business developers with a clear understanding of evolving markets, buyers with technical understanding and sellers with insights into buyer’s needs.

The question is not: “Can I afford this report?”
The real question is: “Can I afford to be without it?”

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Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Oct 21, 2013