LM Opens New Cyber Security Intelligence Centre In Australia

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has opened its fourth Security Intelligence Centre (SIC) in Australia's national capital, Canberra, continuing the company's international extension of its cyber defense network. The Centre was opened today by Sondra Barbour, executive vice president of Lockheed Martin's Information Systems and Global Solutions.

"This new Centre is an investment in technology, expertise and talent for increased innovation throughout our Lockheed Martin team," explained Barbour. "As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated and persistent, our cyber intelligence analysts continuously adapt and improve their methods in collaboration with government and industry partners, implementing new mitigations to keep ahead of the threats."

The SIC builds on over A$10 million of investment in consolidating Lockheed Martin business operations into a single facility – Lockheed Martin Centennial House – and the establishment of a NexGen Cyber Information and Technology Centre (NCITE) in Canberra in 2012. The new SIC strengthens Lockheed Martin's intelligence-driven computer network defense and ability to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving and persistent threats in cyber space. The primary role of each SIC is twofold — to reinforce the company's detection, identification and response to information security incidents, and to develop and expand an elite, local cyber workforce.

Raydon Gates, Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin Australia, explains that "Lockheed Martin intends to lead the way in finding cyber-tech solutions that make our country safer, and to create cyber-professional jobs that meet Australia's national security challenges today – and tomorrow. The establishment of this newest Centre is just the next phase in our commitment to Australia's cyber security technological and economic evolution."

The Canberra SIC will be manned by a team of highly skilled and trained Australian cyber intelligence analysts drawn from Lockheed Martin Australia's employee base. They will integrate their local operations into Lockheed Martin's global computer network defense, while developing their own intrinsic strengths, and contribute to an active global exchange in cyber capability and tradecraft.

Source: Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT)
Date: Oct 4, 2013