Boeing Releases Upgraded Secure Data Transfer Technology

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has upgraded its cross-domain technology, eXMeritus HardwareWall®, with a simpler, more powerful software configuration for easier use.

HardwareWall is based on technology that enables the secure transfer of information among networks operating at different security levels. By combining one-way data transfer, data labeling, access controls and various content review processes, large quantities of information are able to flow securely through networks.

“We’ve updated HardwareWall with new single-command capability and management tools to give customers faster data routing and the ability to easily monitor and update the software with confidence," said Jonathan Moneymaker, director, Boeing Intelligence Systems Group. “The upgrades maintain the core strengths of our secure data transfer technology while giving customers a straightforward tool with increased flexibility to support the timely sharing of critical information."

HardwareWall software upgrades include:

  • New XML-based file configuration language for easier file maintenance and succinct commands
  • 50 percent less configuration time through single-source configuration that allows users to execute multiple data routes across networks with a single command
  • Remote management capabilities through a webaEURbased user interface
  • Analysis tools to view system configuration and health and to diagnose errors quickly.

Source: The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA)
Date: Oct 2, 2013