328 Group Hands Over 17th Dornier 328 Turboprop to US Military

Recently the 328 Group formally handed over the 17th Dornier 328 turboprop to Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) to be used by the United States Military in a ceremony at the 328 Group’s facilities in Operpfaffenhofen, Germany on July 9, 2013.  The ceremony marked the completion of a four-year contract worth more than U.S. $200 million, including spare parts support. 

The US Military accepted the aircraft in three tranches from 2009 to July 2013.   The 328 Group purchased 15 of the aircraft outright from various sources, while SNC directly acquired two of the aircraft.   These aircraft were purchased from various locations, including Europe, America and Africa. The Dornier 328s were selected to provide critical logistics support for the US Military.

All 17 Dornier 328s had to meet specific configurations and conditions to include Phase 1-6 inspections.  328 Group completed approximately 220,000 man hours to meet the demands of the program.  Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) were installed on five aircraft, a retrofit that had only been accomplished once before, which was 11 years ago on a newly-built aircraft.  Retrofits on spoilers were a new undertaking and accomplished on seven aircraft.  Other modifications included the fitting of gravel kits, avionic upgrades, and a High Frequency communications system, as well as flight deck standardization.  Each aircraft underwent six months of modifications, which typically included engine and propeller overhaul and alignment checks to the low utilization program to achieve the required program specification. 

The US Military deploys aircraft around the world to assist in transportation and humanitarian uses.  “The 328 is ideally suited for such a role.  Users report that the aircraft is out-performing expectations,” said Group 328 CEO Dave Jackson.

Source: 328 Group
Date: Oct 1, 2013