Safer multi-channel testing with PULSE 18

When testing large structures such as submarines, satellites or aircraft, getting the correct data first time is critical since the costs of repetitive testing are so high. PULSE 18 helps keep test schedules on track by more efficiently managing large amounts of data and ensuring its integrity.

Configuring large tests is time-consuming, especially if the channels have to be set up individually, so PULSE 18’s helps manage complex measurements with dedicated workflow management tools. An entire test can be set up in a spreadsheet without having to access the test system – maximizing the operational time of the system.

To help ensure every test is performed correctly by the operator the first time, PULSE 18’s workflow guidance tools guide the operator through a series of tabs.

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Should communication with a single measurement channel fail, the test can still be completed thanks to the dynamic fault handling in PULSE 18 that continues with the remaining channels.

Once test data has been successfully recorded, it can be automatically processed using the data processing tools in PULSE Reflex, including automatic triggers and batch processing. These functionalities help maximize test schedules and support on-time project completion.

Source: Bruel & Kjaer
Date: Sep 16, 2013