Market Opportunities for Gripen E

During recent months the security and defence company Saab has met an increased interest in Gripen E, the next generation of its multirole fighter.

This is concurrent to the fact that Saab in February 2013 received an order from the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) for the development of Gripen E and has started the assembly of the system.

Approximately 6000 fighter jets will need to be replaced on the world market during the coming 15-20 years (Source: IHS Jane´s 360). Due to Swedish export restrictions and other prerequisites, Saab has access to approximately half of this market. Previously Saab estimated that Gripen potentially could capture about 10 per cent of this market over the coming 15-20 years.

Based on the increased interest for Gripen, for example in Asia, Europe, South America and Sub-Saharan Africa, Saab now pictures the potentials for future business with Gripen E more positive over the coming 15-20 years.

"The rising interest for Gripen reflects the long-term analysis of the market for Gripen E, as the most cost-efficient and modern state of the art multirole fighter jet system. The business opportunities seem to be quite promising", says Håkan Buskhe, President and CEO of Saab.

Saab’s outlook for 2013 is unchanged. The long-term financial targets of 5 per cent annual organic sales growth on average over a business cycle, an operating margin of 10 per cent as an average over a business cycle and an equity/assets ratio exceeding 30 per cent are unchanged.

Source: Saab AB (OMX Stockholm: SAAB B)
Date: Sep 16, 2013