Selex ES reveals UNIMAST, an innovative approach to integrated naval mast design

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, has revealed UNIMAST, its new integrated multi-sensor naval mast at DSEi 2013. UNIMAST brings together air and surface target detection and tracking, communications, IFF and electronic warfare capabilities housed in a single, low-radar cross section profile structure featuring a single management system. The latter integrates the operations of multifunctional 3D AESA radars, phased array IFF operating at Mode 5 and below, optronic systems, communication suites (including tactical data links) and EW systems.

UNIMAST offers significant operational effectiveness benefits over the conventional approach of adding and replacing separate mast sub-systems over time, with the risks of sub-optimal performance and mutual interference. Every sensor has an unobstructed field of view, and systems can operate simultaneously without conflicting. All systems can be operated from a common System Manager, which acts as the “brain” of the integrated mast.

“The UNIMAST will make a huge difference to a vessel’s operational capability. Historically, Navies installed and qualified multiple sub-systems, and then struggled to operate them simultaneously to their optimum performance - those days are over.” said Lorenzo Mariani, Managing Director of Selex ES’s Land & Naval division, adding; “Our expertise goes from large systems integration through to best-of-breed enabling-sensors and communications, so we’re able to combine systems into a single structure and ensure they operate seamlessly together.”

The UNIMAST is a modular system which will be reconfigured depending on the vessel mission.

Source: Selex ES
Date: Sep 12, 2013