Fokker Services signs a Manufacturing License Agreement with Triumph Aero structures

Fokker Services and Triumph Aerostructures - Vought Aircraft Division, a subsidiary of Triumph Group, Inc., signed a Manufacturing License Agreement for the manufacturing of Fokker type of parts for the thrust reverser.
With this Manufacturing License Agreement, Fokker Services is determined to continue guaranteeing future parts availability and a stable supply chain for the operators. At the same time it is a signal that the operators of Fokker100 and Fokker 70 aircraft can count on an active fleet support from Fokker Services, reinforced by the engineering knowledge of Triumph Aerostructures.

Fokker Services and Triumph Aerostructures partnered in a three party agreement together with Gulfstream in 1984 and have been collaborating since, in the continuous improvement of the development and production of the Thrust Reverser for the Fokker 100 and Fokker70 and the Gulfstream-IV.

Sander Coolman, Director Procurement Fokker Services: “We are pleased to announce this agreement, since it is in line with the mission of Fokker Services to support the current fleet today and in the future. It’s a clear signal to current and future operators that they can count on us”.

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Source: Fokker Services
Date: Sep 3, 2013