World Aviation Security Market to Be Worth $18.7Bn in 2013

Our analysis indicates that the world aviation security market will reach a value of $18.71bn in 2013, driven by the need for federal authorities and airport operators to strengthen security measures to counter evolving threats.

The aviation security market is forecast to record growth over the next ten years as security programmes in mature markets are finalised, airports are upgraded and / or constructed and a universal set of aviation security measures are adopted.

The author of the World Aviation Security Market 2013-2023 report commented that ‘the importance of safety and security to passengers and staff at airport facilities and on aircraft is paramount. Consequently, there will continue to be considerable investment in this market as new legislation is adopted and new technologies are introduced with higher detection rates.’

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World Aviation Security Market 2013-2023

The 156 page report contains 124 tables, charts and graphs that illustrate and explain developing trends within the aviation security market.We provide forecasts for the period 2013-2023 detailing the value (US$) of the world aviation security market, as well as for 4 technology submarkets (passenger and baggage screening, access control, digital surveillance, perimeter fencing) of the aviation security market.  In addition, 10 leading national aviation security markets are forecast and analysed over the period 2013-2023. The report also provides profiles of 15 leading companies operating within the aviation security market, and includes an interview with Magal S3, one of the leading aviation security companies involved, providing expert insight analysis.

The World Aviation Security Market 2013-2023 report will be of value to current and future potential investors into the aviation security industry, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the world aviation security market.

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Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Aug 29, 2013