Elbit Systems Launches Next Generation Public Safety Broadband Wireless Communication Integrated Technologies Solutions

Elbit Systems announced that it recently demonstrated unique, innovative, integrated technologies, to provide secure broadband services for use by governmental, military and public safety first responders. These technologies enable first responders to benefit from any-to-any secure interoperable multimedia services in disaster scenarios.

Among the solutions demonstrated were push to talk (PTT), push to video (PTV), voice and video conference, video streaming, situation awareness data (C2),  land mobile radio (LMR) and telephony connectivity, using smartphones and vehicle terminals operated in mesh and ad-hoc networks, supported by Self-Organized (SON) communication technologies.

The solutions demonstrated allow seamless connectivity between various broadband access technologies including Wi-Fi, WiMax, 3G and LTE cellular networks, together with P25/Tetra. The interoperability was achieved by using Elbit’s TMR Max platform for voice, data and video routing to provide access to the most current data, improving the efficiency of first responder forces.
The above-mentioned technologies, fully developed by Elbit Systems, enable public safety agencies to best utilize their broadband and legacy networks for interoperable mission critical scenarios. The advanced services for deployed headquarters and first responders will enhance effectiveness and awareness in disaster response situations.
Udi Vered, General Manager of Elbit Systems Land and C4I Division commented: “Elbit Systems’ recently demonstrated proven technologies provide excellent enhancements, as part of our overall HLS solutions, to meet the increasing global demand for broadband services to first responders”

Elbit Systems demonstration was held with the RESCUE consortium, which operates as part of the MAGNET Program in the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel. The demonstration was held in the presence of the Chief Scientist, the director of the MAGNET Program, executives from the member companies and first responder and rescue force representatives.

Source: Elbit Systems
Date: Aug 23, 2013