Elbit Systems Will Present Digital Army in Action at DSEi Exhibition

Wide variety of integrated C4ISR solutions will be showcased, simulating net-centric operations in asymmetric warfare To achieve superiority across the entire conflict spectrum, from low to high intensity, armies are continuously seeking solutions for faster and more accurate battle management. As prime contractor of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Digital Army Program (DAP), Elbit Systems offers a diverse portfolio of integrated C4ISR solutions, based on Hardware and Software products allowing armies to carry out fully interoperable net-centric operations. These solutions will be showcased together for the first time in an asymmetric warfare scenario at the upcoming DSEI exhibition. Elbit Systems integrated C4I solutions, include TORC2H as the main operative-level C2 application, the BMS as the tactical-level combat teams solution mainly for mobile forces and TIGER as the Tactical Intranet Geographic message dissemination layer.These are augmented by other complementary building blocks, resulting in increased operational effectiveness and connectivity across all levels – from headquarters all the way to the digital soldier and across all executing disciplines – Operations, Intelligence, Fire Support and Logistics. They offer real- time situation awareness, decision quality information, and full air-ground coordination, transforming every sensor and vehicle in the field to a target. Shortening the sensor-to-shooter cycle is achieved by Elbit Systems' C4ISR solutions primarily based on electro-optical sensors such as COMPASS, Long distance photography, CONDOR2- EO/IR-LOROP (Electro-Optic Infra Red Long Range Oblique Photography) System, the Hermes UAV series, UGVs, ground-based surveillance vehicles and exploitation centers, seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive net-centric solution. The following solutions will be highlighted: C4I • TORC2H - an integrated, operative-level, command and control system designed as a force multiplier, communicating with all external C2 applications and ISR centers. The major advantage of TORC2H is its ability to generate mutual awareness to all executing disciplines in the land battle space, based on accessibility to a reliable and constantly updated situation picture. TORC2H supports the entire operational cycle in the Headquarters and connects the commander with Operations, Firing, Intelligence and Logistics. • Battle Management System - tactical-level command and control system for the battalion combat team, armored and reconnaissance vehicles providing enhanced situational awareness with technologies of tactical displays and electronic moving maps,. • HeliC3om - an advanced Command, Control, Communication and Mission Management System and 3D Digital map providing helicopter pilots and crews with data communications and transmissions, real-time accurate tactical pictures and enhanced situational awareness. • TIGER enhances real-time decision making at all force levels by unifying all communication channels, integrating them into one dynamic tactical intranet, and creating an interest-based, geographic data message dissemination system. • Data Radio –the backbone of the data communications infrastructure, the Data Radio supports a very high data rate for swift, efficient and on the move transmission. • MaXess – Military Wireless LAN – a cost effective communication system for immune wideband data wireless transmission featuring strong survivability in a dynamic military environment. • GlobaLight - a man-pack portable VSAT terminal providing broadband communications across oceans and continents and extending the individual soldier’s reach to new distances and dimensions. • Enhanced Tactical Computer (ETC) brings the power and versatility of advanced personal computers to the field. Its sun readable display, multiple I/O capabilities and full Mil-Spec grade environmental specifications make an excellent solution for combat C4I terminals. Overhead Remote Control Weapon Systems • ORCWS 25-30 Overhead Remote Control Weapon System is a dual-axis stabilized system for 25 or 30 mm cannons. Among its outstanding design features are a very low silhouette, light weight and a fold-down position no higher than 50 cm. – assuring the critical advantage of transportability in C-130 aircraft. System installation requires no internal volume or deck penetration thus preserving the internal vehicle configuration and the required number of crew members. Elevation travel is up to + 60o, a real plus in countering threats in tall structures characteristic of urban landscapes. All weapon functions are remotely and electrically operated from within the crew compartment without exposure to external threats. • The ORCWS 7.62 mm, Overhead Remote Controlled Weapon Station is designed for optimal integration into various platforms. The ORCWS 7.62 mm has a very low silhouette and weighs less than 95 kg. It can be loaded with 690 rounds, upgradeable to 1150 or more, thus rendering it highly suited for Armored Personnel Carriers, Tanks, Tactical Vehicles and Unmanned Ground Vehicles. All weapon station functions - cocking, re-cocking, safe & fire, elevation and traverse - are remotely controlled. Unmanned Ground Vehicles • Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) - equipped with multi-layered sensor suites including video, Laser Imaging Direction and Range (LIDAR) – ultrasound and RADAR for obstacle detection/avoidance and road identification. With the capability of effective, unmanned operation in hi-risk scenarios, UGVs dramatically reduce the incidence of human casualties. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) - a complete range of UAVs for military and paramilitary applications, including Skylark - A single man-packed UAV for very close range, beyond-the-hill surveillance & reconnaissance missions. About Elbit Systems Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international defense electronics company engaged in a wide range of defense-related programs throughout the world, in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (“C4ISR”), advanced electro-optic and space technologies. The Company focuses on the upgrading of existing military platforms and developing new technologies for defense and homeland security applications. Contact: Rosen Dalia, Corporate Communications Director Tel: 972-4-831-6784 Fax: 972-4-831- 5420 E-Mail : daliarosen@elbit.co.il Or Ilana Gelfer, Marketing Communications Tel : +972-4-831-5056 Fax: +972-4-831-7902 e-mail: marcom@elbit.co.il

Source: Elbit Systems
Date: Sep 12, 2005

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