Indra to Deploy its ADSB-B Airspace Surveillance Systems in Mongolia

The Mongolian Civil Aviation Authority (MCAA) has awarded a contract to Indra to deploy ADS-B systems at various points in the country with the aim of strengthening its airspace surveillance capacity. Indra has developed these systems in compliance with the requirements of the strictest international standards.

The automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast or ADS-B systems will strengthen the visibility of air movements and air security in Mongolia. They will also complement the Mode S MSSR radar surveillance systems the company has deployed in Mongolia, which are now in service.

The implementation of these new systems will improve the fluidity of air traffic in a zone crossed by the one of the most important routes linking Europe and Asia. They will also improve the control of aircraft approaches to the airport serving the country's capital, Ulaanbaatar.

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This contract will strengthen Indra's collaborative relationship with the MCAA. Indra has been collaborating with this body on the modernisation of its air traffic management systems since 2008.

Moreover, the project will also strengthen Indra's position in Asia, a region in which it is undertaking projects of great importance. Indra's surveillance systems already control much of the sky in India, China, Indonesia and Australia and it has installed its air traffic management systems at a large number of control centres and airports in these countries.

Indra is a leading company in the supply of Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems. With more than 90 years of experience, it has completed more than 3,000 installations in more than 140 countries. Over 80% of Indra's ATM sales are in international markets. The systems that Indra develops include surveillance, automation, communications, simulators and navigation aids, and airport management technology.

Source: Indra
Date: Jul 24, 2013