Raydon Standardizes on Havok Technology for Future Simulation Development

Havok™, a leader in real-time simulation development and 3D visualization technology, has entered into an enterprise agreement with Raydon Corporation, a leading developer of virtual training systems. The agreement will provide Raydon with access to Havok’s cutting-edge simulation development framework to help streamline upcoming projects and deliver high quality content as quickly and accurately as possible to their customers.

Recently awarded the Common Driver Trainer Program, Raydon is one of the world's leading integrators specializing in the development of new training systems for gunnery, maneuver and critical tasks. Raydon’s simulation training products and solutions provide an extensive range of capabilities including tabletop trainers, institutional trainers and mobile trainers. Raydon will leverage Havok’s simulation technology framework in their upcoming Common Driver Training Program.

Havok is currently working with leading integrators around the world to effectively address simulation and training requirements for the market. From specialized content types, communications protocols and extremely large environments, to powerful rendering features and augmented workflow, Havok aims to help integrators and developers improve the quality of simulation systems and accelerate time-to-market for their programs.

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“The addition of Havok’s technology framework to our tool set enhances Raydon’s ability to rapidly provide effective Virtual Training to our customers at the best possible value. Raydon’s mission is to meet the training requirements and budgets of our customers while continuing to drive out cost through innovation, the use of COTS products and through introducing commonality wherever possible,” said Mike Vollmar, Chief Executive Officer at Raydon. “With Havok’s powerful technologies in our simulation arsenal, Raydon will continue to create new technologies and training systems at a dizzying pace, in order to support our unique TaaS (Training as a Service) efforts.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Raydon, a leading developer of simulation products and solutions for more than two decades,” says Brian Waddle, Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing at Havok. “With Raydon’s experience and development talent and Havok’s technology, we believe Raydon is well positioned to enhance the state of the art of simulation training development.”

Source: Havok
Date: Jul 16, 2013