Avidyne and NexAir Announce Certification of Piper PA-32 Saratoga NX Aircraft With Entegra Release 9 Avionics

Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, and NexAir Avionics of Mansfield, Mass., announced today they have received Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the installation of the Avidyne Entegra Release 9 Integrated Flight Deck (R9) in the Piper PA-32-301 series Saratoga aircraft.  This R9 certification is part of the overall FAA approval of NexAir’s Saratoga NX™ aircraft revitalization program, which includes other significant performance and aesthetic enhancements including new paint, interior, cowlings, and lighting.   

“Our Entegra Release 9 is a next-generation flight deck upgrade that reduces pilot workload and makes single-pilot IFR flight much easier,” said Patrick Herguth, Avidyne’s Chief Operating Officer. “R9 makes a great centerpiece to the fully-upgraded Saratoga NX™.  It’s a great looking, comfortable airplane and it’s also easy to fly.”

“The Saratoga NX™ is much more than your basic aircraft refurb. Rather than simply installing devices in a panel, we leverage our knowledge as engineers and pilots to integrate the avionics into the aircraft in a way that optimizes performance and ease-of-use,” said David Fetherston, president of NexAir Avionics. “With the Saratoga NX™, we’ve essentially created a new aircraft that’s better equipped and costs far less than a new or late model version. It really is better-than-new.”

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With this approval, Avidyne extends its R9 Approved Model List (AML-STC), which also covers the Cirrus SR20 and SR22, and the Piper PA-46 Matrix and Mirage.

Source: Avidyne Corp.
Date: Jul 16, 2013