Award-winning Aero Precision Industries continues investing in Quantum Control

Component Control announced today that Aero Precision Industries, an award winning Greenwich AeroGroup Company and leading parts and services supplier to global military organizations, continues to invest in Quantum Control(TM) MRO and logistics management software to manage its international distribution and broker repair services with increased visibility and efficiency.  Aero Precision partners with more than ten major OEMs to provide military aircraft spare parts, involving substantive provisioning and stocking to optimize support for Aero Precision’s clientele in over 60 different countries.  Aero Precision also serves as a U.S. Government channel partner for its OEMs and further supports its customers through an extensive network of repair firms across the United States and abroad.

“Quantum is viewed as the industry standard for MRO software,” said Heidi Goodrich, Senior Customer Service Manager at Aero Precision. The capabilities and options it can provide prove to be an exceptional operational fit for our company. Since 2003, Aero Precision has continued to invest in Quantum, steadily increasing system capabilities and scaling users.  Currently, Aero Precision is working closely with Component Control to develop a unique version of the Quantum Portal to allow customers to check their order status and obtain tracking and waybill information in real-time.  Native capabilities of Quantum Portal include the ability to restrict or allow visibility of data elements by user and company, via the Quantum administrator in a secure web environment. International customers with language needs are also able to have captions load in their native language to further simplify the sales process.

Aero Precision received a 2012 Boeing Performance Excellence Award which recognizes suppliers who have achieved superior performance. The company maintained a Silver composite performance rating for each month of the 12-month performance period, from Oct. 1, 2011, to Sept. 30, 2012.  Aero Precision supplies Honeywell wheels and brakes, lighting and other parts; Crane Power and Sensing Components; and EATON parts to Boeing for the F-15 Sustainment Programs.

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Source: Component Control
Date: Jul 11, 2013